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Complete One-Pan Meals That Save The Day

Creating an entire meal in one skillet or sheet pan makes cooking—and cleanup— can now be pretty darn easy. This kind of cooking is quick to assemble, quick to cook, and quick to wash afterwards. It’s like a dream-come-true for home chefs…
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Fresh contemporary recipes from The Healthy Jewish Kitchen

I loved the variety of recipes. There’s a Cambodian Spring Roll on page 15 that is speaking to me. Darn, if that Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup isn’t also calling my name.

Of course the Baked Schnitzel with Nut Crust (I am yearning for another visit to Germany) on page 55 is looking pretty darn good right now with a side of fries. You’ll find that recipe below.

Notable recipes besides the ones I already mentioned above include…

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Eat Like You Give A Fork and Thrive

Avoiding sweet and salty foods in favor of those chock full with sour, bitter, and umami flavors, such as dark leafy greens, toasted seaweed, and pickled vegetables are her secret sauce to feeling great, losing weight and eating with intent…
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Visiting the Magnificent Pueblos of New Mexico

…While you can visit many of the Pueblos on your own, a guided tour is preferable the first time. It was my absolute pleasure to take a side trip with several other writers to the San Ildefonso Pueblo with guide and former governor of the San Ildefonso Pueblo…
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Why off-leash dog parks are an important port stop for your boat dog

…An off leash dog park fits the bill. It gives Woofie an opportunity to be free of a leash, the confines a boat presents, an opportunity to be able to roam in a large area instead of being confined to a small enclosure and it also gives it an opportunity to socialize with other dogs…
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