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Recipes and Memories of the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey

Food and travel journalist Robyn Eckhardt with Photographer David Hagerman goes deep into Turkey to introduce us to its food and people. She shares her stories of acquiring authentic recipes, many collected while visiting with local chefs and home cooks, then adds her touch to help home cooks with sourcing or substituting so we can replicate the taste and spirit of Turkish kitchens in our own home…
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Getting creative in the kitchen without a recipe

I review all kinds of cookbooks. This is not one of them. Instead Kitchen Creativity is a guide to innovative cooking without using recipes. It asks you to think beyond the recipe. It will inspire you to re think how you put a dish or meal together. It reminds you why basics are important to getting to improvisation and eventually to cooking like the world’s best chefs.
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Delicious clean food prepared simply

***Be sure to take this book for a test run by going to the end of this article and trying out the Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup with Lemongrass recipe…
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The Food Stylist’s Handbook 2nd Edition

The secret world of food styling comes sharply into focus in this handbook for food lovers, chefs and bloggers who want to make the transition to food styling…
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Scrumptious Sandwiches Salads and Snacks

…Finally, a collection where every recipe has a picture. Not just ordinary pictures, but descriptive, educational and mouth-watering. Add that to yummy recipes having just a few ingredients and you have our vote for a great cookbook…
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