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Raising your spirits at Mount Palomar Winery

Visitors may come to the trendy Temecula Valley Wine Country in Southern California… Mount Palomar Winery’s restaurant Annata Bistro/Bar is serving up some new stellar spirit sips you’ll want to try….
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A NW wine tasting with Little Black Dress wines

…A woman in a little black dress tends to make friends easily and manages to turn a few heads along the way. Little Black Dress wines do that and more… all in an affordable wine…

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Formaglini Vineyards Pinot with pairing recipe

…Welcome to a new kind of Pinot Noir wine line from the famed Willamette Valley of Oregon. We all know this area can produce great California-style cherry bombs and some stylish thrillers. But, have you tasted the Italian style ones from Formaglini Vineyard?..

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Lucky Seven Holiday Wine Picks for 2015

…Here’s the “Lucky Seven” wine choices: Champagne, Chardonnay, Beaujolais, Ruffino, Rioja, Cabernet and Moscato. I’ve tasted every one of these wines alongside Kyle and Tristen. Each is a sizzling pick at an affordable price point…

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Blending memories at San Antonio Winery

Who says you need to go to a faraway wine country to have a memorable wine experience? What if I told you there is an unforgettable wine adventure available to wine lovers in downtown Los Angeles? It’s true.

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