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…No doubt about it, author and TODAY Food Contributor Siri Daly leads a charmed life, yet she remains so warm and approachable, just like the food she loves to serve…
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Nandita Godbole, in her newest book, Not For You, Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods, gives us a perfect example of how to preserve and present both. With a glimpse into the history of India moving forward from 1857, she speaks of life, of love, marriage, family obstacles, and the significance food plays in our lives….
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…I’ve discovered the real deal way to understand and indulge in healthy Indian gastronomy. In a clever u-turn move away from Indian cookbooks of old, it appears enjoying healthy, flavorful Indian food is actually easy. Let me introduce you to Crack the Code: Cook Any Indian Meal with Confidence, second edition by author Nandita Godbole…

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