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LDV Winery: Elegant Wines for any Celebration

BIG BLEND RADIO: This winery has a razor-sharp focus on what success looks like for their winery. They concentrate primarily on single-varietal wines. Careful processing with limited winery manipulation lets the grapes and the end product do the talking. I think you’ll enjoy these posh, elegant wines.
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L’Ecole Wines Scores Big in Incredible Value and Taste

BIG BLEND RADIO: For someone who loves exploring the flavors and textures found in the glass, L’Ecole is a real find. The price point is reasonable and the dedication to quality comes through with each sip.
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Sena Sea Wild Alaskan Fish

This company is the recipe for a great meal at home — delivering food that’s better for you, better for the earth, better for the animals, and better for the hardworking farmers, fishermen, and producers behind it all. It’s pretty much a win-win all the way around.
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Experiencing Alaska by Private Boat

We arrived in Alaska in good spirits and gigantic expectations. Because we were there for over two months we saw a plethora of sites. The gorgeous waterways, gigantic trees everywhere, secret bays and coves, small fishing villages, salmon spawning, bears foraging, dolphins skimming the water, soaring eagles, and whales of all kinds.

There is no way to do Alaska justice in one article, so I’ve picked my top 4 favorite destinations.

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Saffron: A Unique Gift Cookbook

Saffron contains a brief history of saffron, tips on best uses and storage of the spice, 12 lively saffron-forward recipes to inspire the beginner and advanced home cook, and a photography story of the annual saffron harvest in Krokos, one of forty small villages in the town of Kozani, Western Macedonia, Greece. See the cooking presentation here.

I hear that we all need to get a jump on holiday gifts. Shipping is going to be extra slow this year. You can purchase the Saffron cookbook here.

Take this book for a three recipe taste spin. Enjoy the delicious drive with three new recipes: Blooming Saffron Tea, Saffron Star Bread & Saffron Chicken Thighs.

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