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Saffron: A Unique Gift Cookbook

Saffron contains a brief history of saffron, tips on best uses and storage of the spice, 12 lively saffron-forward recipes to inspire the beginner and advanced home cook, and a photography story of the annual saffron harvest in Krokos, one of forty small villages in the town of Kozani, Western Macedonia, Greece. See the cooking presentation here.

I hear that we all need to get a jump on holiday gifts. Shipping is going to be extra slow this year. You can purchase the Saffron cookbook here.

Take this book for a three recipe taste spin. Enjoy the delicious drive with three new recipes: Blooming Saffron Tea, Saffron Star Bread & Saffron Chicken Thighs.

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Five Must Read Cookbooks and Recipes for Fall 2021

Forget, thrillers and mysteries and scary tales and instead bone up on improving your repertoire of fall and holiday recipes. If you think about it, fall is when we begin our major hike through holiday cooking. I think the five books (and recipes) I’ve chosen for you have a depth of culinary goodness for you to choose from.

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Plat du Jour: French Recipes and Dinners Made Easy

RECIPES INCLUDED BELOW: Chicken with Walnuts and Lemon, from the Dordogne & Curly Endive Salad with Hot Bacon and Goat Cheese
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Seven Pots of Tea: An Ayurvedic Approach to Sips and Nosh

I’ve read many, many books on tea. But a new one, … by Nandita Godbole, takes a holistic, health-centered lifestyle approach (Ayurveda) to enjoying and understanding this charmed drink…
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101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon

101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon comes to us from wellness blogger Nancy Chen. Think of this book as a love letter to the sweet and savory spice. Try out the three surprising recipes at the end of this review…
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