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LDV Winery: Elegant Wines for any Celebration

BIG BLEND RADIO: This winery has a razor-sharp focus on what success looks like for their winery. They concentrate primarily on single-varietal wines. Careful processing with limited winery manipulation lets the grapes and the end product do the talking. I think you’ll enjoy these posh, elegant wines.
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L’Ecole Wines Scores Big in Incredible Value and Taste

BIG BLEND RADIO: For someone who loves exploring the flavors and textures found in the glass, L’Ecole is a real find. The price point is reasonable and the dedication to quality comes through with each sip.
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Craft Wine Adventures

How do you find small-lot (also called craft wines)? Craft wine is specifically American wine. It features classic grapes and blends that stand toe-to-toe with the best in the world…
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Michigan Wines Sip Well

The Great Lakes play an important role in the success of the Michigan wine program. The surrounding lakes and resulting glacial soil influence the grapes taste and production, in a very tasteful way…
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A Bounty of Top Flight Wines

Mt Beautiful wines pair well with a summer of cruising, shrimping, crabbing and relaxation…Posted on