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Preparing Sheet Pan Meals

… innovative recipes to prepare fairly common dishes in a non-traditional way. Her first 25 recipes are “extra-simple pantry meals” suitable for novice cooks. The balance range from breakfast to desserts all prepared in a sheet pan…
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Pittsburgh – A different kind of food culture

…Pittsburgh rocks with the kind of good taste that goes beyond culinary goodness…
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Salads and recipes that surprise and excite

…The reason I enjoyed this book so much was the idea behind the combinations of ingredients. Each ingredient brings a distinct flavor profile to the harmony of the salad as well as painting the most beautiful picture on the plate and on the palate. Each ingredient lends a hand to the next so that when all the pieces are combined, the result is a balanced meal of salty, sweet, sour, crunchy, bitter, umami, and astringent elements that all play nicely together and are killer with a crisp white wine or dry rosé…
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Upscale Downhome Family Recipes All Gussied Up

…One of the best things about Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes, All Gussied Up, is that Rachel includes photos of the recipe as it is being made…
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PITTSBURGH: A Culinary Hotspot with a Social Conscious

A 45 minute interview with Linda Kissam on Big Blend Radio.

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